Master your fencing with this 30-minute footwork-specific drills class. This class requires no gear other than the athletic t-shirt, pants and athletic shoes. Class is 30 minutes long, and focus varies from day to day, Classes are held once a week and are paid for a month at a time. After the initial month, it is possible to set up an automatic payment.  



Fencing Footwork Class - $98 per month

  • AIC reserve the right to cancel a class or camp if there are not enough fencers signed up for the class or camp. If a class or camp is canceled, anyone who has already paid for the class or camp will have their money refunded in full. Additionally, activities on a particular day may be canceled due to inclement weather, illness, or other unexpected circumstances.

    If the club is closed due to weather or other unexpected circumstances, the noticification will be sent or home page of this website will be modified to indicate the closure. 


  • If a fencer cancels their registration before the first class of the month, the cost of the class for that month will be refunded in full.  After the first class of the month, it will not be possible to get a refund for that month of classes.

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