Our Elite classes are preparing  fencers  for national and international competitions. Class including Speed, agility, strength, conditioning, strategy, quick reaction footwork and distance training. Each class is 2 hours long, two classes per week. $398 per month. Coaches approval required for initially enrolling in this class.

Elite Class- $398 per month

  • AIC reserve the right to cancel a class or camp if there are not enough fencers signed up for the class or camp.  Additionally, activities on a particular day may be canceled due to inclement weather, illness, or other unexpected circumstances.

    If the club is closed due to weather or other unexpected circumstances, the noticification will be sent or home page of this website will be modified to indicate the closure. 

  • If a fencer cancels their registration before the first class of the month, the cost of the class for that month will be refunded in full.  After the first class of the month, it will not be possible to get a refund for that month of classes.

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